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Incarceration: Opportunity or a Sign Language Interpreter's Scarlet Letter?

Incarceration: Opportunity or a Sign Language Interpreter’s Scarlet Letter?

Formerly incarcerated individuals acting as sign language interpreters? A knee-jerk reaction may be a resounding, “NO!”. Scott Huffman opens the dialogue about representation, second chances, and the American Dream. Greetings. My name is Scott Huffman. I am a father of four, husband, son, friend, mentor, and activist. My day-to-day work consists of being an Outreach


Sign Language Interpreter Framing Their Work

What Are We Really Saying? Perceptions of Sign Language Interpreting

Kelly Decker examines common ways sign language interpreters frame the task of interpreting and peels back some of the implications and impact on the field and the larger communities served. Sign language interpreters are taught that meaning is conveyed through accurate word choice. Do we give the same considerations to word choice when we label


Should Sign Language Interpreters Unionize?

In today’s economic downturns and upswings, representation in the labor market is paramount to the success of any profession.  The profession of sign language interpreting is no different.  Without understanding the influence unity bears, sign language interpreters all over the country, dare I say the world, will not realize the import of their services as