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Incarceration: Opportunity or a Sign Language Interpreter's Scarlet Letter?

Incarceration: Opportunity or a Sign Language Interpreter’s Scarlet Letter?

Formerly incarcerated individuals acting as sign language interpreters? A knee-jerk reaction may be a resounding, “NO!”. Scott Huffman opens the dialogue about representation, second chances, and the American Dream. Greetings. My name is Scott Huffman. I am a father of four, husband, son, friend, mentor, and activist. My day-to-day work consists of being an Outreach


Angela Roth - Sign Language Interpreter

Seriously!? Do Sign Language Interpreters Still Need to Talk About Diversity?

Angela Roth presented Seriously!? Do Sign Language Interpreters Still Need to Talk About Diversity? at StreetLeverage – Live 2014 | Austin. Her presentation addressed the depth of the challenges our profession still faces addressing individual and collective cross-cultural reality, respect and responsibility. You can find the PPT deck for her presentation here. [Note from StreetLeverage: What


Bryen Yunashko

Bryen Yunashko – How Interpreters can be more Inclusive of the DeafBlind Community

Description Bryen Yunashko sits down with Jeff Pollock at the 2015 Deaf Interpreter Conference and shares how interpreters can be more inclusive of the DeafBlind Community. Click for more coverage of the 2015 Deaf Interpreter Conference.   * Interested in receiving StreetLeverage posts in your inbox? Simply enter your name and email in the field above the


Sign Language Interpreters Committed to Change

Social Justice: An Obligation for Sign Language Interpreters?

The field of sign language interpreting still finds itself at a very serious and critical juncture as interpreters and educators attempt to put Deaf community members back into its center. Without considering the tenets of social justice and the perspectives of those who aim to proliferate it, sign language interpreters face the reality that they


Questions About Inclusion of Deaf Interpreters

Nigel Howard | Deaf Interpreters: The State of Inclusion

“No two persons ever read the same book.” I share this quote from Edmund Wilson with you to highlight a point in this presentation. A reader brings to a book their own experience and understanding in order to create meaning from the story they read. We all approach our work with our own experience and


Sign Language Interpreter Consider the Position of Deaf Interpreters in the Field

Deaf Interpreters: In the Blind Spot of the Sign Language Interpreting Profession?

A few weeks ago, I was looking through StreetLeverage posts and as I neared the end- perhaps even after I had looked at all of the titles—I realized that I had not seen anything explicitly about Deaf interpreters. Of course, the phrase “sign language interpreters” appeared often, and of course Deaf interpreters are included in