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Ethical Medical VRI & Sign Language Interpreters

Critical Partnerships: Ethical Medical VRI & Sign Language Interpreters

Danielle Meder discusses the responsibility of sign language interpreters when working in medical VRI environments. Since VRI is here to stay, partnering with ethically responsible VRI providers is the most effective way to improve the medical VRI experience. In her article, Behind the Screens: The Ethics of Medical VRI & Sign Language Interpreters, Shelly Hansen


Pam Collins - StreetLeverage - LIve 2016

Bringing Scheduling Into View: A Look at the Business of Sign Language Interpreting

Pamela Collins presented Bringing Scheduling Into View: A Look at the Business of Sign Language Interpreting at StreetLeverage – Live 2016 | Fremont. Her presentation encourages a recalibration of the processes involved in scheduling sign language interpreters by taking a global and systemic view in order to ensure improved outcomes for consumers and interpreters. You can


Is Sign Language Interpreting Ready for an Uber-like Approach?

Is Sign Language Interpreting Ready for an Uber-like Approach?

Traditional models of sign language interpreter referral are going head-to-head with technology as the digital realm’s innovation and sophistication foster the creation of out-of-the-box solutions for providing access. Read this case-in-point. Are sign language interpreters ready to challenge their own ideas about “standard practices”? Just as VRS and VRI redefined the field of signed language interpretation,


Must Have Apps for Sign Language Interpreters

2016 Reboot: 7 Must Have Apps for Sign Language Interpreters

With apps available for everything, recommendations can narrow the search. In his 2016 reboot, Brandon Arthur highlights apps that make communication, commuting and productivity easier, faster and safer for sign language interpreters. What a difference a few years make! In 2013, StreetLeverage featured Leave Now, Google Maps, Evernote, Expensify and Bump as must-have apps. In


Can Clarity Return Discretion to VRS?

Can Clarity Return Discretion to VRS Interpreters’ Repertoire?

The FCC’s “10-minute rule” and their stance on information gathering to contextualize calls in VRS have been widely misunderstood. Understanding the intent of these regulations can help return discretion to VRS interpreters. A great American journalist, Margaret Fuller, once said, “If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.” Sign language interpreters often


Sign Language Interpreter Wondering Why He Doesn't Get More Work

Why Do Qualified Sign Language Interpreters Get Less Work?

In a recent conversation with Tom Holcomb about certified vs. qualified sign language interpreters, he said something that surprised me. He shared that approximately 90% of the interpreters referred to work with him outside of his professional faculty position and public presentations, were not certified. From inside my bubble of privilege and pursuit of my


Sign Language Interpreters and Social Networking

What Can Groupies Teach Sign Language Interpreters About Social Networking?

Several months ago I watched an edited for TV movie, “Almost Famous”, a story of a young boy on the doorstep of the 70s rock scene, tasked by Rolling Stones magazine to write a gritty behind-the-scenes article of an up and coming fictional band. What ensues is his journey as a “groupie” that captures the


Happy Sign Language Interpreter Using Apps To Enhance Her Productivity

5 Must Have Apps for Sign Language Interpreters

Few sign language interpreters live without a smartphone or tablet. It’s probably hard for most of us to remember what life was like before we had the ability to manage the intersection of our work and personal lives with the swipe of a finger. With the bazillions of apps out there, which ones are particularly


Onsite Sign Language Interpreter Considering the Concept of Extinction

Wing Butler | Onsite Sign Language Interpreters Face Extinction

Wing presented, Onsite Sign Language Interpreters Face Extinction, at StreetLeverage – Live. His talk examined the legislation and technology developments of the 90’s that defined the values of the sign language interpreters in the “Onsite Era” and how these values are now being replaced by the values of a “Virtual Presence Era.” Wing suggested that the iterative


Distraught Sign Language Interpreter

Sign Language Interpreters: The Unintended Victims of VRS Regulation Change

About a year ago the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) implemented new rules regarding the structure and practices of Video Relay Services (VRS).  A year later we ask: Is the VRS industry a better place for having implemented the new regulations? What Did it Achieve? The intent of the rule was to root out fraud and