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[Archives] Transforming Perspectives: The Power of One-to-One Conversations For Sign Language Interpreters

Our archives are filled with the generosity of our presenters and contributors. It is often enlightening to look back at the path which leads to the present. To that end, we offer this glimpse into the StreetLeverage archives. This presentation was originally published on July 1, 2014. Doug Bowen-Bailey presented Transforming Perspectives: The Power of


Sign Language Interpreting in Art Class

Ethical Choices: Educational Sign Language Interpreters as Change Agents

I have the pleasure and challenge of working with educational sign language interpreters around the country: pleasure because I generally find these interpreters extremely committed to the best interests of students,  challenge because I generally find them frustrated by their work settings. Their experiences resonate with Gina Olivia’s post, Sign Language Interpreters in Mainstream Classrooms: Heartbroken and Gagged,