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StreetLeverage - StreetTour 2015

StreetLeverage StreetTour 2015

Tour Info: StreetLeverage has taken to the road. Held in cities across the US, StreetTour is a speaker series designed to introduce sign language interpreters to contemporary ideas that encourage reflection upon their daily work and a rethink of the story of the sign language interpreter. Sign Language Interpreters: The Power of Soft Skills   […]

Sign Language Interpreters and the Quest for a Deaf Heart

Sign Language Interpreters and the Quest for a Deaf Heart

A recurrent phrase that has been appearing in frequent discussions is “Deaf heart.”  Our national interpreter organization, RID, has long been characterized as needing a Deaf heart.  Recently, changes have been made to move RID to a more Deaf-centered perspective on the field of interpretation. The most recent evidence of this is the addition of […]

A Person Who is Deaf Feeling Disempowered

Trudy Suggs | Deaf Disempowerment and Today’s Interpreter

Trudy presented, Deaf Disempowerment and Today’s Interpreter, at StreetLeverage – Live. Her talk examined how the choices sign language interpreters make while delivering communication access can, and often do, contribute to the economic and situational disempowerment of deaf people. Deaf Disempowerment and Today’s Interpreter In the spirit of being transparent, the stories I’m about to […]

StreetLeverage-Live - Thought Leadership Event

A Salute to Big Thinking Sign Language Interpreters

What do projectile vomiting, cancelled and delayed flights, and an unrelenting Nor’easter have in common? StreetLeverage—Live. As anyone who has organized a live event will tell you, there are always unforeseen challenges that arise and StreetLeverage—Live had its fair share. Despite these challenges, the event was a success. Talent Salute I salute Nigel Howard, Trudy […]

Sign Language Interpreter Learning from Deaf Perspective

A Deaf Perspective: Cultural Respect in Sign Language Interpreting

A chip on her shoulder. An angry Deaf person. I will definitely NOT be attending her workshops in the future. The workshop seemed to be a venting session for the Deaf people.   These were just some of the evaluation responses to a workshop I presented at a state-level sign language interpreting conference recently. I […]