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StreetLeverage - StreetTour 2015

StreetLeverage StreetTour 2015

Tour Info: StreetLeverage has taken to the road. Held in cities across the US, StreetTour is a speaker series designed to introduce sign language interpreters to contemporary ideas that encourage reflection upon their daily work and a rethink of the story of the sign language interpreter. Sign Language Interpreters: The Power of Soft Skills  


StreetTourImage - Betty

Betty Colonomos | Self-Sabotage: How Do Interpreters Prevent Fear from Creating Indecision?

This introspective workshop will examine how our internal “committees” sabotage our performance during interpreting assignments. Dates and Locations August 29 – 30th            |    Pittsburgh, PA       |      REGISTER NOW * Announcement: Wing Butler will be replacing Betty for StreetTour – Pittsburgh. October 24 -25th  


StreetTour 2015 with Dennis Cokely

Dennis Cokely | Ethical Decision- Making: What Can Interpreters Learn from Honey, Oysters, and Wine?

This workshop will examine interpreters’ approach to ethical decision-making; participants will examine the history of our treatment of ethics. Dates and Locations  March 14 – 15th        |    Riverside, CA         |    REGISTER NOW  June 13 – 14th           |    Milwaukee, WI