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Best of StreetLeverage 2015

StreetLeverage: The 2015 Posts that Moved Us

As a way to welcome 2016, we handpicked 10 posts that inspired reflection, demonstrated courageous thinking, or generated spirited conversation. It is our guess that you were moved by some of these 2015 gems as well. If you missed one, take a moment to enjoy the goodness. * Posts not listed in any particular order. 1.


Stacey Storme - StreetLeverage - Live 2015 Talk

Self-Awareness: How Sign Language Interpreters Acknowledge Privilege and Oppression

Stacey Storme presented Self-Awareness: How Sign Language Interpreters Acknowledge Privilege and Oppression at StreetLeverage – Live 2014 | Austin. Her talk lead attendees through an exploration and acknowledgement of the impact privilege and oppression can have on the practice and self-awareness of sign language interpreters. You can find the PPT deck for her presentation here. [Note from StreetLeverage: What


Stacey Storme

Stacey Storme was born and raised in Colorado as a native bilingual in both ASL and English. She is eternally grateful to her older sister, Drei, along with the Deaf and interpreting communities in Greeley and Denver, Colorado for helping shape her into who she is today. Currently, Stacey resides in Overland Park, KS with


Sign Language Interpreter Immobilized Due to Conflict

Has An Identity Crisis Immobilized The Field of Sign Language Interpreting?

During my attendance at the 2012 Region IV RID Conference in Denver and the 2013 National RID Conference in Indianapolis I found myself in tears more than once. While it is not uncommon for me to become emotional when I am with colleagues discussing the very serious, real and important issues that impact our work