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What 2016 Taught Sign Language Interpreters about Success in 2017

What Did 2016 Teach Sign Language Interpreters About Success in 2017?

It is tempting to write 2016 off and move immediately into the new year, but that would mean overlooking some of the profound and fundamental lessons shared by StreetLeverage contributors last year. While public speaking is one of the most fearful things humans can do, expressing one’s thoughts and perspectives via social media in two


Marvin Miller

Deafhood: Liberation, Healing, and the Sign Language Interpreter

Marvin Miller presented Deafhood: Liberation, Healing, and the Sign Language Interpreter at StreetLeverage – Live 2015 | Boston. Marvin explored the Deafhood journey –the internal and external dialogue on what it means to be a healthy Deaf person today– and the role sign language interpreters have and can yet play in that journey. You can find the


Sharon Neumann Solow

Genuine Confidence: Why Can’t It Be All About Me?

Sharon Neumann Solow presented Genuine Confidence: Why Can’t It Be All About Me? at StreetLeverage – Live 2015 | Boston. Her presentation examines healthy and less helpful uses of ego in the work of sign language interpreters and why genuine confidence is a comfort to be around. You can find the PPT deck for her presentation here. 


StreetLeverage - Live 2015 - Speakers


Wing ButlerWing Butler is an entrepreneur and sign language interpreter, passionate about building the sign language/Deaf economy. He uses his social media prowess and unique appreciation for life to build business opportunities that enhances the field of sign language interpreting. Patrick GraybillPatrick was among the original members of the National Theatre of the Deaf troupe.


Anna Witter-Merithew Bids Farewell to ILI Attendees

Institute on Legal Interpreting: Backstage Access for Sign Language Interpreters

Is it possible to create a learning environment that effectively supports taking 220+ sign language interpreters on a guided exploration of their work, while offering real-world advice on how to enhance this work, and do it all in three days? Prior to attending the 2014 Institute on Legal Interpreting (ILI) in Denver, Colorado August 21st-23rd,


StreetLeverage at the Institute of Legal Interpreting

StreetLeverage Coverage of the 2014 Institute on Legal Interpreting

StreetLeverage is excited to announce its partnership with the MARIE Center to provide coverage of the 2014 Institute on Legal Interpreting (ILI) held in Denver, CO August 21-23, 2014. The 2014 ILI conference will give participants a unique opportunity to collectively observe, analyze, and discuss the performance of highly effective Deaf-hearing and hearing-hearing interpreter teams in


ILI Endnote | Looking Out – Looking In – Reaching: Next Steps

Description This Institute for Legal Interpreting endnote presentation will summarize the salient discoveries of the conference and identify specific opportunities and actions that participants can take to continue the learning associated with the analysis of interpreting performance.  The best practices identified during the conference will be highlighted with review of the examples that distinguish the


ILI Keynote | Looking Out – Looking In – Reaching: The Role and Function of Critical Analysis

Description This Institute for Legal Interpreting (ILI) keynote presentation will highlight the role of Critical Analysis in the exploration of legal interpreting performance. A philosophical and theoretical schema for looking at a sign language interpreter’s work will be covered.  Discussion will center on why interpreters will benefit by engaging in critical analysis and how to