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Modern Questor for Sign Language Interpreters

Lynnette Taylor | Modern Questor: Connecting the Past to the Future of the Field

Lynnette presented, Modern Questor: Connecting the Past to the Future of the Field, at StreetLeverage – Live. Her talk examined how the shift from a Deaf/centric to a market/centric locus of power has left both the Deaf community and sign language interpreters feeling powerless. The Modern Questor “The modern questor now takes up the search, His quest the same;


StreetLeverage-Live - Thought Leadership Event

A Salute to Big Thinking Sign Language Interpreters

What do projectile vomiting, cancelled and delayed flights, and an unrelenting Nor’easter have in common? StreetLeverage—Live. As anyone who has organized a live event will tell you, there are always unforeseen challenges that arise and StreetLeverage—Live had its fair share. Despite these challenges, the event was a success. Talent Salute I salute Nigel Howard, Trudy


What Role do Sign Language Interpreters Play in the Linguistic Human Rights of Deaf People?

A Role for Sign Language Interpreters: Preserving the Linguistic Human Rights of Deaf People

As a coda when I left home to go to college, I never dreamed that I was leaving my mother tongue. It never dawned on me that there wouldn’t be deaf people where I was going and that ASL would be nowhere in sight. Never were my eyes so lonely. Much like an immigrant leaving