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Session Perspectives from the 2015 RID National Conference

For a deeper look at the 2015 RID Conference in New Orleans, LA, the StreetLeverage social media ninjas summarized several workshop sessions in addition to the live microblog coverage on Facebook and Twitter. Business of Providing Interpreting Services Today: A Stakeholder Forum Presenters: Regan Thibodeau, Kelly Decker, Nancy Berlove Three member sections worked together for […]

What can Sign Language Interpreter Education Learn from Wild Birds?

What can Sign Language Interpreter Education Learn from Wild Birds?

The current state of interpreter education reminds me of an attempt to return rehabilitated, injured or orphaned birds to the wild, rather than allowing the natural developmental process of wild birds to occur. [Click to view post in ASL] Natural Versus Artificial Development             In the wild, chicks are nurtured and learn the way of […]

Sign Language Interpreter Wondering Where the Field is with Leadership

Leadership in Sign Language Interpreting: Where are We?

History of Leadership It is difficult to discuss the history of leadership in the field of sign language interpreting without first selecting a starting point for our history as a “field.”  Some consider this point the juncture at which the shift from volunteer interpreter to paid interpreter began, and the time at which training standards […]

Sign Language Interpreting, Leadership, and Messy Relationships; What They Have in Common

Sign language interpreting and Leading are alike – the success of each is largely dependent on one’s quality of character and ability to navigate complex interpersonal dynamics. Yet when we talk about either we generally focus our attention on the technical skills required to accomplish the task ahead. Technical skills aside, there is much to […]