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Deaf Interpreter Conference II

Deaf Interpreter Conference II: From the Inside

What better way to illustrate “full inclusion with sign language”, the theme of the 2017 International Week of the Deaf, than interviews from the movers and shakers at the second Deaf Interpreter Conference in Villanova, PA this summer? Creating an organic, Deaf space is the ultimate in full inclusion with sign language. An interpreting organization


Jay Krieger

Jay Krieger – How the Deaf Interpreter Conference is like the Ball State Event of 1963

Description Jay Krieger sits down with Jeff Pollock and describes how the Deaf Interpreter Conference, like the Ball State event in 1963, is an inflection point for the field of sign language interpreting. Click for more coverage of the 2015 Deaf Interpreter Conference.   * Interested in receiving StreetLeverage posts in your inbox? Simply enter your name


2015 Deaf Interpreter Conference

Inside the 2015 Deaf Interpreter Conference

The inaugural 2015 Deaf Interpreter Conference opened Saturday, June 20, 2015, bringing together 200+ Deaf Interpreters for a four-day exploration. Topics examined during this historic gathering ranged from reframing the role of Deaf Interpreters and ethical considerations to vicarious trauma and career development/advancement. May the expressions of organizers, presenters, and attendees captured in the StreetLeverage