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What 2016 Taught Sign Language Interpreters about Success in 2017

What Did 2016 Teach Sign Language Interpreters About Success in 2017?

It is tempting to write 2016 off and move immediately into the new year, but that would mean overlooking some of the profound and fundamental lessons shared by StreetLeverage contributors last year. While public speaking is one of the most fearful things humans can do, expressing one’s thoughts and perspectives via social media in two


StreetLeverage - IGNITE Workbook

StreetLeverage – IGNITE

Cultural Competence WorkbookThe inaugural installment of IGNITE by StreetLeverage provides a collection of perspectives that explore the journey to cultural competence for sign language interpreters. Explore how: Identities ascribed by others can impact the relationship sign language interpreters have with the Deaf Community.Cultural competence among interpreters supports the work of the Deaf Community towards equity in contrast


Marvin Miller

Deafhood: Liberation, Healing, and the Sign Language Interpreter

Marvin Miller presented Deafhood: Liberation, Healing, and the Sign Language Interpreter at StreetLeverage – Live 2015 | Boston. Marvin explored the Deafhood journey –the internal and external dialogue on what it means to be a healthy Deaf person today– and the role sign language interpreters have and can yet play in that journey. You can find the


Amy Williamson

Deaf-Parented Interpreters: A Challenge to the Status Quo in Sign Language Interpreter Education?

Amy Williamson presented Deaf-parented Interpreters: A Challenge to the Status Quo in Sign Language Interpreter Education? at StreetLeverage – Live 2015 | Boston/Newton. Amy will examine the experience of deaf-parented interpreters as child language brokers, heritage learners of sign language, and practitioners working among the community who raised them. You can find the PPT deck for her presentation here. “Do You


StreetLeverage - Live 2015 - Speakers


Wing ButlerWing Butler is an entrepreneur and sign language interpreter, passionate about building the sign language/Deaf economy. He uses his social media prowess and unique appreciation for life to build business opportunities that enhances the field of sign language interpreting. Patrick GraybillPatrick was among the original members of the National Theatre of the Deaf troupe.


Nourishing our Roots

CIT 2014 – Workshop | Nourishing Our Roots

Description In this session, research findings from a survey of deaf parented interpreters will be shared. Through the survey findings, participants will learn who deaf parented interpreters are; how they entered the field and what backgrounds they bring with them. With this backdrop, participants will reflect on personal experiences in educating students from deaf parented


Sign Language Interpreter Lamenting the Failure to Pass IDP Seat

Mea Culpa: We Failed RID & Sign Language Interpreters with Deaf Parents

Part of my motivation in writing this article now is that I so poorly dropped the ball when the time came to vote on establishing a position on the RID Board of Directors that dedicated a seat to an Interpreter with Deaf Parents (IDP), the IDP MAL (Member-at-Large) position. I could cite my business at


Sign Language Interpreter Considering Cost of Marginalizing the Coda Perspective

The Cost of Invisibility: Codas and the Sign Language Interpreting Profession

I recently attended an interpreter retreat where the purpose was to examine privilege, how it manifests in our individual work lives,  our relationships with each other, and within the sign language interpreting profession as a whole. Privilege is a topic that makes for a hard discussion for any group of people. Those of us in attendance