Expand the Definition of Sign Language Interpreter Educator

Expanding the Definition of “Sign Language Interpreter Educator”

Traditionally, when people think of a sign language interpreter educator, they think of a person who formally teaches in an Interpreting Program at a college or university. It is true that instructors and professors who work at colleges and universities … Continue reading

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Servant Leadership: Fausto’s Lesson for Sign Language Interpreters

Gina Oliva presented at StreetLeverage – Live 2014 | Austin. Her talk draws attention to the philosophy of Servant Leadership and how it can be adopted by sign language interpreters interested in changing the world for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing students. You … Continue reading

Interpreting Without a Deaf Interpreter is an RID CPC Violation

Interpreting Without a Deaf Interpreter is an RID CPC Violation

Crackers or crack cocaine?  If a potential Deaf witness used a signed reference to crackers during a police interview, would you immediately understand the meaning? Fortunately, in this situation, the hearing interpreter (who was top-notch) knew enough to team up … Continue reading

Anna Witter-Merithew Bids Farewell to ILI Attendees

Institute on Legal Interpreting: Backstage Access for Sign Language Interpreters

Is it possible to create a learning environment that effectively supports taking 220+ sign language interpreters on a guided exploration of their work, while offering real-world advice on how to enhance this work, and do it all in three days? … Continue reading

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Sign Language Interpreters: Attire Leaves a First and Lasting Impression

Sign Language Interpreters: Attire Leaves a First & Lasting Impression

Do you mind your ABCs (Appearance, Behavior, and Communication) as you prepare for every assignment?  Can you think of an interpreter who has professionally mastered her or his ABCs and the impact that mastery has had on the Deaf community … Continue reading