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StreetLeverage – Live Sunday speakers.

Betty Colonomos - Sign Language Interpreter


Sign Language Interpreters Fostering Integrity Betty explores how we want to believe that all professionals providing services to our citizens uphold the highest standards of integrity. To maintain public and collegial trust and safety, professions have mechanisms such as peer review boards, licensure, censure, and mandatory supervision to deal with those who violate these standards.


Shane Feldman - RID Executive Director


Where Does Advocacy Fit in the Sign Language Interpreting Profession? Shane will examine how upholding standard practices, partnering with colleagues and local leadership, staying abreast of current trends and legislative developments, and collaborating with professional organizations can position sign language interpreters to better support the collective solutions that will support the profession long-term. Pre-event Dialogue


Dave Coyne


Social Justice: A New Model of Practice for Sign Language Interpreters? The presentation covers the roles and values of social justice as key components in the interpreting field. Drawing on a transformational leadership style, sign language interpreters engage participants in new ways.   The presentation will highlight issues which result from transactional leadership exchanges with marginalized