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StreetLeverage – Live Saturday speakers.

Anna Witter-Merithew


Stepping out of the Shadows of Invisibility: Toward a Deeper Conceptualization of the Role of Sign Language Interpreters Anna examines how interpreters tend to approach role conception, definition and implementation from an  interpreter-centric perspective.  In large part, this interpreter-centric approach to our work is the result of role  conception that foster the ideal of “interpreter as


Dennis Cokely


Sign Language Interpreters: The Importance of the Day Before Dennis suggests that the secret to successful interpretations often rests on “One thing. Just one thing” – remembering “the day before”. Our failure to remember “the Day Before” means that we act on assumptions that generally result in lack of meaning equivalence in our interpretations. Pre-event


Stephanie Feyne


Authenticity: The Impact of a Sign Language Interpreter’s Choices What does it mean to be “authentic” when we communicate with others? How do interpreters present an “authentic” representation of someone’s message? How do we determine if we can produce interpretations that present individuals as their authentic selves? What is the impact of the choices we


Nancy Bloch


Marginalization Within the Sign Language Interpreting Profession: Where Is the Deaf Perspective? The intersectional dynamic between the deaf and the interpreting communities has literally been lost in translation amid dramatic and still-evolving changes within the profession of sign language interpreting. Also missing in action are deaf persons who have been marginalized by the interpreting community