Adam Bartley

Adam Bartley is a Staff Interpreter III with Gallaudet Interpreting Services, He holds CI, CT, SC:L,and NIC: Master certifications. Originally from Austin Texas, Adam has called DC home since August of 2003. He has been interpreting professionally for 23 years, and has specialized training and skills in the areas of post-secondary academic interpreting, performance arts interpreting, and Legal/Law Enforcement settings. A well-known presenter at the local, regional and national levels, he often teaches seminars on interpreting for Law Enforcement. His hobbies include painting, sculpture, yo-yoing, etymologies and biking among 97 other past-times.

Aaron Brace

Aaron Brace has been interpreting for over 30 years, primarily as a community and conference interpreter and also for six years as a designated interpreter for a university professor. He credits Patrick Graybill, Ted Supalla, and the Deaf communities of Rochester, NY and the San Francisco Bay Area for making him the interpreter he is today.

Antonio Goodwin

Antonio Goodwin is the president of the National Alliance of Black Interpreters, Inc. (NAOBI, Inc.). 2012 is the last year of his second term. He also serves on the RID Diversity Council. His interpreting life involves coordinating and providing interpreting services across the nation, namely in Los Angeles and Pasadena, Washington, DC, New York City, and Boston. He holds national certification (RID CI and CT), and his degrees are JD, MDiv, and MA. Antonio's life is about empowerment; either being around people who are empowered or encouraging others to be empowered.

Alex Jackson Nelson

Alex Jackson Nelson is a certified interpreter. He has spent most of his career working in and for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning and/or Intersex (LGBTQI) community. He is currently a student at Gallaudet University pursing his master’s degree in social work. Alex enjoys his work as a trainer and consultant through ConsiderIt Communications. He believes that we can all create positive change in this world, one conversation at a time.

Amy Meckler

Amy Meckler has worked as a Sign Language interpreter in New York City since 1993, and received her Certificate of Interpretation in 1997. She earned her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Hunter College in 2001, and published her first poetry collection in 2002. She is the co-author of “What Is Your Ethical Responsibility,” an article on the RID Code of Ethics, which appeared in Views in 1999. Amy also teaches the workshops “Beyond Ethics: The Rules. Our Values. Our Vision,” “Whatchamacallit and Thingamajig: English Expansion for Interpreters,” and “So to Speak: Interpreting Figurative Speech” nationally.

Anna Mindess

Anna Mindess, MA, CSC, SC:L, has been a certified interpreter for over 25 years. She currently specializes in legal interpreting. Anna is the author of Reading Between the Signs, which is used in interpreter training programs around the world. She lectures and presents widely on topics related to intercultural communication. Her collaborations with Dr. Thomas K. Holcomb include several DVDs and a new website, Deaf Culture THAT.

Angela Roth

Angela Roth is President / CEO and founder of American Sign Language Services, Inc., American Sign Language Services Latino (Puerto Rico) and Global VRS, under the parent Corporation of American Sign language Services Holdings, LLC. All three companies are at the national and international leading edge in multicultural, multilingual sign language services and interpreter development, with focus on ASL, English and Spanish. Additionally, Ms. Roth is also the first nationally successful Latino woman owner of Global VRS (formerly Gracias VRS), a National Video Relay Service provider, as of September 2008 and a major advocate behind the VRS Spanish industry.

Amy Seiberlich

Amy Seiberlich is a nationally certified interpreter and life-long student of communication and interpersonal dynamics. Her work demonstrates a creative way of combining her formal education and real world experience in the fields of interpreting and leadership. To that end, Amy established the Leadership Institute – a company dedicated to supporting interpreters. Amy has served on the RID National Board as the Region IV Representative and holds a Master's degree in Communication from the University of Denver.

Amy Williamson

A displaced southerner. A bilingual child of Deaf parents. A lover of the desert southwest. A former foster parent. A traveler...5 continents down, 2 to go. Amy Williamson landed in Vermont 12 years ago after living in NC, DC, AZ, Micronesia, VA, and Alaska. She is the mama of 2 sweet boys who are filled with mischief and magic, vim and vigor. They are Otis, 8 and Ben Sky, 6. Amy also has a 20 year old daughter, Mika, who is a 2nd year student at RIT. Amy is the daughter of Mary Ella Scarboro Williamson and Barney Williamson, both teachers for almost 30 years at the Eastern NC School for the Deaf. She has worked as a sign language interpreter since graduating from high school and actually LOVES the work she does. She is an interpreter by choice, not by birth.

Anna Witter-Merithew

Anna Witter-Merithew is a nationally certified interpreter specializing in legal and community interpreting. She has served in a variety of local, state and national leadership positions, including President and Vice President of the RID and co-founder and Vice President of the CIT. Anna, a Coda, has taught in and administered interpreter education programs for over 35 years and currently serves as the Director of the UNC MARIE Center. MARIE is one of six centers forming the National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers. She has also published a variety of articles and resources relating to interpreting and interpreter education—many of which are collaborated works with valued colleagues.

Betty Colonomos

Betty M. Colonomos, currently serving as Director of the Bilingual Mediation Center, is a fluent ASL/English bilingual. Her academic background is in Deaf Education/Speech Pathology (B.S.), Counseling (M.A.) Linguistics (Doctoral program). Betty holds the Masters Comprehensive Skills Certificate (MCSC) from RID. She was the second recipient of the Mary Stotler Award for excellence in Interpreter Education from CIT. Betty has chaired and served on many national committees on standards and evaluation of interpreters and served as President of the Conference of Interpreter Trainers (CIT). Ms. Colonomos has authored and appeared in video materials on interpreting and she co-authored (with MJ Bienvenu) videos on Deaf Culture, ASL Facial Grammar, and ASL Numbers. She worked as an International Sign interpreter for numerous conferences worldwide. Betty also consults with schools and the legal system as an expert on linguistic and cultural issues impacting the Deaf Community. Betty is the developer of the Integrated Model of Interpreting (IMI), which is the most widely used model in the U.S. for teaching cognitive processes in interpreting. She teaches the Foundations of Interpreting Series for hearing, coda and Deaf interpreters that combines the IMI with a Vygotskyan approach to learning. Betty is the creator of the Etna Project (2002 – present) held in New Hampshire and Maryland. The project is a series of retreats supporting a Community of Reflective Practitioners who are interpreters committed to their own growth as they seek to become change agents in the field of interpreting.

Barry Critchfield

Barry Critchfield works for the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities, Office of Deaf Services in Atlanta. Previously he served as the Director of Deaf Services with the Missouri and South Carolina Departments of Mental Health, and at the California School for the Deaf, Fremont as Director of Counseling. He has been an interpreter since 1971. He has a PhD in Educational Psychology from Brigham Young University.

Brian Morrison

Brian Morrison, CI, CT, has been interpreting since 1995 and is currently the program coordinator of the ASL/English Interpreting Program at the Community College of Philadelphia. He received his Master’s in Adult and Organization Learning with an emphasis in teaching interpreting and has been teaching for 13 years. Brian served on the board for CIT for 8 years, spending 4 of that as President. In addition to teaching, Brian is co-owner of a theatre interpreting agency, Hands UP Productions. He lives in Philadelphia with his husband, Jim and their Siamese cat, Aspen.

Brandon Arthur

Brandon is a nationally certified sign language interpreter and passionate industry entrepreneur. He has worked on both the practicing and business sides of the industry for the past 15 years. His father is deaf and his mother is a sign language interpreter. He is a devoted father and husband and enjoys the sport of triathlon.

Carolyn Ball

Carolyn Ball, Ph.D., is The Executive Director of the VRS Interpreting Institute (VRSII) in Salt Lake City, Utah. Before this position, Carolyn was as an Associate Professor of Interpreting and Director of the American Sign Language & Interpreting Program at William Woods University in Fulton, MO. Additionally, she was the Coordinator of the Interpreter Training Program at Salt Lake Community College. She received her B.S., and her M.A. in from Brigham Young University—then earned her Ph.D. in 2007 in Adult Education from Capella University. Carolyn’s research passion is the history of interpreter educators. She has served on the Conference of Interpreters Board for twelve years. Carolyn is the proud aunt of 17 nieces and nephews and spends her free time riding her Trek Madone road bike.

Carla Mathers

Carla Mathers is an attorney who serves as Corporate Counsel to TCS Associates, a vibrant and growing interpreting firm in Maryland. She is a faculty member of the University of Northern Colorado and currently serves as Vice President of the Conference of Interpreter Trainers. Carla’s passion is legal interpreting, as those of you who know her already know. Less well known, however, is that she is a fair cook and a stellar gardener.

Cindy Volk

Cindy Volk, Ph.D., CI, CT, SC:L is the daughter of deaf parents from a farm in Kansas. She is the director of the Educational Interpreting Emphasis at the University of Arizona. She also works as a freelance interpreter. She is currently the secretary of the Conference of Interpreter Trainers.

Damita Boyd

Damita Boyd is an interpreter who gained her start by taking sign language classes at Florida State University, and by later participating in the interpreter education program at Georgia Perimeter College. She has worked as an interpreter in the Washington, DC area, Rochester, NY and within metro-Atlanta, GA. Damita was an educational interpreter in metro-Atlanta for five years, and enjoyed working in classrooms from kindergarten through post-secondary. Damita now works in the Sign Language Interpreting Program at Georgia Perimeter College. She enjoys yoga and is currently studying Japanese. She holds a Master of Interpreter Pedagogy degree from Northeastern University.

Doug Bowen-Bailey

Doug Bowen-Bailey is a practitioner, mentor, resource developer and interpreter educator. He also works as an Interpreter Training Consultant with the Region III Low-Incidence Project in NE Minnesota serving interpreters who work in K-12 settings. With Patty Gordon, he was co-developer of the Teaching Interpreters in Public Schools (TIPS), an online process to support educational interpreters in raising the quality of service in the classroom as well as meeting the licensure standards of their state. In addition to working for change in the profession of interpreting, Doug is also an community advocate and organizer. He was part of a task force that led to the creation of a Citizen Review Board for his local police department and currently serves as one of the members on that board. Doug lives in Duluth, Minnesota with his partner, Holly, their two children, Sylvie and Frost, and three chickens.

Darren Byrne

Darren Byrne originally trained as a Physical Organic Chemist before entering interpreter training. As a graduate of the first cohort of students from Trinity College Dublin’s Centre for Deaf Studies, Darren has been working as an Irish Sign Language interpreter for over 10 years. In 2006, Darren was awarded the level of R1 in an accreditation process carried out by a Irish Sign Link, a sign language interpreting agency established as a partnership between the Deaf community and interpreters. Darren has worked in a range of settings at national and international levels. Darren is currently working towards an M.Sc. in Equality Studies in the Equality Studies Centre at University College Dublin. Darren lives in Dublin with his partner, who is Deaf, and their two dogs.

Dave Coyne

Dr. Dave J. Coyne is an Assistant Professor in the American Sign Language Interpreting Studies program for the Department of Classical and Modern Languages at the University of Louisville. His research focuses on social justice leadership and allyship behaviors in the interpreting field. More specifically, he is interested in promoting critical thinking, community-building, and principles of social justice; linking interpreters’ ability to reestablish connections with community members and Deaf individuals’ autonomy.

Dennis Cokely

Dennis Cokely is a nationally certified interpreter and has been interpreting for over four decades. He also served two terms as president of RID. After teaching at Gallaudet for 15 years, he worked full-time at the company he co-founded — Sign Media, Inc. Dennis has published widely on various aspects of interpreting and has directed the IEP at Northeastern since 1996. He almost always thanks Patrick Graybill who was his first guide into the DEAF-WORLD, but there are those days.

Diane Lynch

Diane Lynch, CI and CT, Ed:K-12, has been a VI with Sorenson Communications for more than 5 years. She graduated from Camden County College’s ITP in Blackwood, NJ in 1993 and subsequently mentored by many very generous members of the Deaf community. Diane is a committee chair in both NJRID and GaRID chapters and an RID Test Site, Coordinator/Administrator. She is also a proud member of the StreetLeverage team. She cut her teeth in the field in NJ and has resided for 5 years in Georgia with her husband of 25 years, Francis, and her teenage daughter, Heather.

Diana MacDougall

Diana E. MacDougall is a nationally certified interpreter through the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID), and has been working as a professional interpreter for over 30 years. She holds a Certificate of Interpretation (CI) and a Certificate of Transliteration (CT). She has a BA in Anthropology and Women’s Studies, and an MA in Sociology, both from the University of California at Riverside. She is an Associate Professor at Riverside City College, Coordinator of the ASL/Interpreter Education Program, and currently the Department Chair of World Languages. Her experience as a Performing Arts interpreter spans almost 20 years, interpreting in settings such as live plays (Shakespeare, drama, comedy), stand-up comedy, concerts (pop, county, heavy metal, alternative, music and comedy festivals), film and television (interpreting for Deaf actors), and live performances for Disney Productions. Her experience as a freelance interpreter spans over 30 years, interpreting in settings, including but not limited to, medical appoints, educational settings (K-12 and post-secondary), employment settings, Department of Social Services, Department of Rehabilitation, religious, platform/conference interpreting at the national and international levels, and for 7 years as a legal interpreter.

Debra Russell

Debra Russell is an ASL-English interpreter and interpreter educator from Canada. Her interpreting practice spans thirty years, and continues to be community based in a range of medical, legal, mental health and employment settings. She currently holds the David Peikoff Chair of Deaf Studies at the University of Alberta, where she teaches pre-service teachers as well as teaching as for Lakeland College’s Program of Sign Language Interpreting. Her teaching has also taken her to locations in the United States, Europe, Ukraine, Australia, Colombia, and Southeast Asia. In addition to her teaching practice, she maintains an active research program, with current projects that focus on Deaf Interpreters, legal interpreting and mediated education settings for Deaf children. She is the current President of WASLI. She is also a dedicated student of yoga, who loves to travel.

Dora Veith

Dora Veith, NIC has worked as an interpreter since graduating from Front Range Community College (Westminster, CO) in 2005 with an AAS in Interpreting. She received her NIC in 2008 and recently earned a BAS in Community Interpreting from Regis University (Denver, CO) this past December 2013. She works as a freelance community interpreter, tutors IPP students, and is an active member of her local RID chapter.

Darlene Zangara

Darlene is currently the Minnesota's Olmstead Implementation Executive Director. Darlene received her Bachelors of Science in Deaf Education from Bowling Green State University; Master of Arts in Counseling for the Deaf from Gallaudet University and a Ph.D. in Leadership and Change from Antioch University. She is also a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Ohio. As a result of her years of practice, Darlene has an eclectic and extensive range of professional experiences. She has expertise in areas not limited to Leadership, Advocacy, Human Services, Interpreting, Strategic Change, Program Development, and Training Consultation. Darlene currently is a blogger on www.darlenezangara.com and a founder of LeVo, Leveraging Your Voice, Inc. She is also working towards her Coaching certification and currently writing her book. When Darlene is not focusing on work, she loves hiking, photography and spending time with her family.

Gina Oliva

Gina Oliva grew up as the only hard of hearing child in all of her K-12 classrooms in the public schools of Greenwich, Connecticut. She received her bachelor's degree in psychology from Washington College, her master’s in counseling from Gallaudet University, and her doctorate in Recreation and Leisure Studies from the University of Maryland. Her first language is English, she has used a hearing aid since age 5, and began learning American Sign Language as a young adult at Gallaudet, where she enjoyed a 37 year career. Dr. Oliva published her first book, Alone in the Mainstream: A Deaf Woman Remembers Public School in 2004. In 2014 she published a sequel (with co-author Linda Risser Lytle), Turning the Tide: Making Life Better for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Schoolchildren.

Howard Rosenblum

Howard A. Rosenblum is the Chief Executive Officer of the National Association of the Deaf. He has been a disability rights attorney for nineteen years: nine years as a Senior Attorney at Equip for Equality, a nonprofit organization designated as Illinois’ Protection and Advocacy entity; and ten years before that with a private law firm. His legal practice has been in the areas of disability rights and special education. He has provided numerous workshops nationally and internationally on the Americans with Disability Act, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. In 2010, he was appointed by President Obama to serve on the U.S. Access Board. Mr. Rosenblum received his law degree from IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law (1992), and his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Arizona (1988).

Holly Thomas-Mowery

Holly Thomas-Mowery, CI, CT, NIC Master, SC:L is a seasoned American Sign Language interpreter and presenter based in Boise, Idaho. Holly is an accomplished platform interpreter, with experiences spanning from linguistics to computer science and venues from Boston to Seattle. She has a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership. Holly serves as the current IdahoRID President, as a board member of Deaf Center of Idaho, and is the co-coordinator for Signing Shakespeare at the Idaho Shakespeare Festival. As a stage actor, she has enjoyed roles in Love Person and The Vagina Monologues. Holly most recently served as a Program Committee Co-Chair for the 2012 RID Region V conference in Honolulu, Hawaii. Holly lives with her husband and three children, the youngest of whom is Deaf.

Jessica Bentley-Sassaman

Jessica Bentley-Sassaman, Ed.D., CI & CT, SC:L, Ed:K-12 is an interpreter educator at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. She has been teaching since 2006. Jessica has experience mentoring students and presenting workshops. She currently serves on the CIT board as the Director of Membership.

Jennifer Kaika

Jennifer Kaika, MA, CI/CT, NIC: Master, is a coda interpreter native to the DC/MD area. She has been interpreting since 1997, and loves all of the challenges it continually presents. Since 2005, she has mentored interpreters and has taught in Gallaudet’s Department of Interpretation as an adjunct instructor. Most recently, Ms. Kaika has expanded the scope of her career to include organizational service: she is serving as PCRID’s Second Vice-President from 2013-2015.

Jean Miller

Jean is a graduate of the Portland Community College Sign Language Interpretation Program (1989) and holds her CI and CT from RID. She is currently serving on the Oregon RID board as Member At Large #2. After 15 years of working as a full time sign language interpreter, she transitioned to part-time coordinator/practitioner and finally to a full-time interpreter service manager who also interprets. Career highlights include selection as a participant in the Theater Development Fund's "Interpreting for the Theatre" Intensive in New York City in 1999 and again in 2005 to study with mentors Alan Champion, Candice Broeker-Penn, Stephanie Feyne and Lynnette Taylor and members of the NYC Deaf Community. Jean is a passionate reader, musical theatre enthusiast and movie lover. She has called the Pacific Northwest home since 1979 but still considers herself an Air Force brat.

Kate Block

Kate is a freelance interpreter who works mainly in Wisconsin. She received a Bachelors degree in Mass Communications from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and an Interpreter Technician degree from Milwaukee Area Technical College. Kate spent two summers at Gallaudet University, taking interpreting workshops and ASL classes. She also attended a workshop at Julliard University in New York focusing on theater interpreting. Kate continued her education with a Masters degree in Business Administration and Masters in Management degree with an emphasis on leadership in a nonprofit organization. Kate also attended the State of Alabama Mental Health Interpreting workshop and received her “Q”. She was recently chosen as an "Q" Internship supervisor by the State of Alabama. Kate is a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado Legal Interpreter Certificate Program. Kate’s current educational goal is to begin the National Technical Institute for the Deaf Certificate in Healthcare Interpreting program in July.

Kelby Brick

Kelby Brick, Esq., CDI is a practicing attorney and interpreter with an emphasis on interpreting in life altering situations, such as legal or health settings. Brick established Brick Advantage to leverage years of experience in marketing, public policy and accessibility issues to help corporations, schools and non-profits achieve the sweet spot of blending management with transformational societal changes. Brick co-authored Legal Rights: the Guide for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People, in addition to writing numerous articles that have appeared in various publications.

Kelly Decker

Kelly Decker, born and raised in upstate New York, is currently and actively involved within the Interpreters with Deaf Parents (IDP) member section as the Region I Representative, 2013 IDP and Deaf Caucus Community Forum, A Community of Reflective Practitioners at the Etna Project and is dedicated to her work as a freelance interpreter in her private practice.

Karen Kozlowski Graham

Karen Graham, Management Consultant and Psychotherapist, has worked in the fields of sign language interpreting, social work and leadership with Deaf and hard of hearing people for over 30 years. She is one of the founders and was the CEO of SignOn: A Sign Language Interpreter Services in Seattle. She also started and ran a psychiatric rehabilitation program for Deaf people in Chicago. She is published and has presented in the areas of interpreting, mental health, hearing loss, substance abuse and human service program development. She has a BS from Northwestern University in the field of Communicative Disorders and an MSW from the University of Chicago in Social Service Administration. Karen is a former Certified Sign Language Interpreter and is currently a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Kimberly Hale

Kimberly Hale is a "captive release." She earned an undergraduate interpreting degree Maryville College. She also has a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy studies. She is currently an associate professor in the Department of ASL and Interpreter Education at Eastern Kentucky University. Kimberly has almost 20 years of professional interpreting experience and over 10 years as an interpreter educator.

Kendra Keller

Kendra Keller is a freelance interpreter from Santa Cruz, California. Certified in 1994, she has served as adjunct faculty at Ohlone College’s Interpreter Preparation Program, the American Conservatory Theater’s Studio A.C.T., and colleges throughout the San Francisco bay area. She has presented at the Supporting Deaf People international online conference, February 2008, at Deaf Studies Today, April 2008 and at the Conference of Interpreter Trainers, October 2008. She has received training in the Demand Control Schema via the Mental Health Interpreter Training Institute in Montgomery, AL and as faculty of Ohlone College. Kendra is an instructor, consultant and facilitator of interpreter supervision and case discussion groups. She is the founder of Heart of Interpreting.

Leslie Decker

Leslie Decker, MA in Deaf Education and BA in Psychology, is an Adjunct Instructor in the Department of Disability and Psychoeducational Studies at the University of Arizona. Leslie was born Deaf and American Sign Language is her native language. Leslie has been teaching ASL courses since 2004.

Laurie Shaffer

Laurie Shaffer MS, CI & CT, NIC-A has been an interpreter for 25 years. . Presently she is coordinator for Deaf/hard of hearing services at the University of Virginia and a doctoral student at Gallaudet in the Interpreting Studies program. She has a passion for mentoring and teaching and is always honored to be asked to do either. She resides in rural Nelson County VA with her partner of 30 years where the saying goes – If you are lucky enough to live in the mountains, you are lucky enough.

Lynnette Taylor

Lynnette Taylor, CSC, is a native signer who grew up in the vibrant Deaf community in Danville, KY. She was certified in 1978. In her 30 plus years of professional experience, she has been an educator, workshop presenter, consultant, facilitator, interpreter, director and producer. For 11 years she was one of the developers and instructors of the national Interpreting for the Theatre seminar held at the Juilliard School and has interpreted over 100 Broadway plays.

Laura Wickless

Laura Wickless, NIC, has been interpreting professionally in Maryland since 1998, specializing in higher education settings. She is currently pursuing innovative interpreting strategies for improving access to instruction, a passion ignited through extensive work with Deaf and Hard of Hearing international consumers in interpreted classrooms. Laura, an ITP mentor, has led interpreter professional development sessions on innovation and technology, visual aid inclusion, ethics, cognitive processing, and NIC enhancements. She completed an interpreter preparation program over a decade ago and has a B.A. in political science from the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC). Laura is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages at UMBC with intent to study Deaf and Hard of Hearing English second language literacy.

Lynne Wiesman

Lynne Wiesman is a Master Mentor and the founder of Signs of Development, the first organization to bring the Sign Language industry CEUs at a distance. Signs of Development is beginning its 19th year of professional development on-site and at a distance for CEUs, certification preparation, and mentoring at a distance for all aspects of interpreting. She is currently a professor in the Austin Community College's ASL & Interpreter Training Program and previously developed and administered the Troy University online and on-campus Interpreting Program. She holds an MBA, Master Mentor Certificate and is ABD in Training & Performance Improvement. Lynne has dedicated her career to improving and increasing interpreting services.

Marlene Elliott

Marlene Elliott, CI/CT, is a life long learner in ASL, Deaf Culture, and Interpreting. She holds a BA in Cultural Studies from Empire State College, has been interpreting for 25 years, specializing in psychiatric, graduate studies, Deaf professionals, VRS, and conference interpreting. She has been teaching workshops for 20+ years in her native Oregon, her adopted city Rochester, NY and places near and far. She can frequently be seen walking with her dog, Sammy, in Mt. Hope Cemetery near the University of Rochester Medical Center where she works with Ph.D clinical psychology interns in the Deaf Wellness Center.

Matthew O'Hara

Matthew O’Hara, M.S., CI and CT, NAD IV, CAE, is a staff member at the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) headquarters. He has a Master’s degree in Administration from Gallaudet University. Matthew, who has fourteen years of association management experience, is an active member in the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE). He holds the Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation from ASAE and is currently serving on the CAE Commission. He has previously served as the chairperson of the ASAE Ethics Committee. Matthew has administered the Ethical Practices System (EPS) for the past twelve years and is the staff liaison to the RID Ethics Committee. He is also a trained mediator and enjoys co-presenting workshops about the benefits of conflict resolution within the interpreting community.

Mala Poe

Mala Poe has an Education Specialist degree (Ed.S.) in Deaf Education: Applied Linguistics as well as a Masters degree in Linguistics, both from Gallaudet University. She earned her Bachelors degree from California State University, Northridge (CSUN) in Deaf Studies with an emphasis on teaching ASL. She has been a member of the Deaf community since 1986, and holds national certification in interpreting from RID and NAD. She is a staff interpreter at the University of California San Diego for the Deaf faculty. Mala hasbeen a Support Service Provider (SSP), interpreter, trainer, co-coordinator and team leader for local, regional and national meetings and events for/with DeafBlind people. She currently serves as past President of the San Diego Chapter of RID (SDCRID) after four years as President and is in her second year as the Professional Development Chair for the organization. On the Regional level, she is RID’s Region V Representative for the Deaf-Blind Member Section. Her passion is providing workshops within her Region exposing students and interpreters to working with DeafBlind people. When not working, she is actively involved with fundraisers and activities relating to the Eric Poe Memorial Fund and going on short rides on her motorcycle.

Nancy Bloch

Nancy J. Bloch is Executive Director of Communications and Public Relations at the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind (FSDB). She is also President of Touchpoint Group, LLC, a management, technology and accessibility consulting enterprise. With over 25 years of organizational management and leadership experience with nonprofit, higher education and business entities, she served as CEO of the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) for close to 19 years. Long involved in the field of interpreting, Bloch has worked as a collaborator, trainer and consultant. She resides in St. Augustine, Florida with her husband, Gerald "Jerry" Nelson.

Nigel Howard

Nigel Howard works as an instructor at Douglas College in the Program of Sign Language Interpretation, and Child, Family and Community Studies (CFCS), and University of Victoria in the Department of Linguistics. He is on the Board of Editors for International Journal of Interpreter Education (IJIE) and is the World Association of Sign Language Interpreters’ (WASLI) North America Representative. Nigel provides presentations, workshops and training on varying topics/subjects around the world such as Interpreting in Medical Settings, Deaf Interpreter, Deafhood and Global Communities, interpreter professional development and so forth. Nigel has worked as a Deaf Interpreter for over 20 years, often in medical, mental health, legal, theatre, community, and conference settings – locally, nationally and internationally.

Robyn Dean

Robyn Dean, CI/CT, MA, was appointed to the faculty of the University of Rochester School of Medicine in 1999, in recognition of her scholarship in the interpreting field and leadership in the education of interpreters, medical students, and other health care professionals. She has been an interpreter for over 20 years, with particular service experience in healthcare and mental health settings. Ms. Dean holds a BA in ASL Interpreting and an MA in Theology. Her demand control schema (DC-S) has been the topic of numerous workshops, publications, and grant projects nationally and internationally. Ms. Dean was the recipient of the 2008 Mary Stotler Award. Ms. Dean is currently a PhD Candidate at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Richard Laurion

Richard Laurion, MA, CI/CT, NIC Advanced, has been an American Sign Language interpreter since 1983. He currently manages federal, state, and foundation grants through the CATIE Center at St. Catherine University. Richard has distinguished himself as an interpreter, interpreter educator, advocate, project coordinator and grants manager. He has served as a director or advisor on state and national boards for interpreter education, RID, performing arts groups as well as serving as the chairperson for the Minnesota Commission Serving Deaf and Hard of Hearing People. He is the Director of Programming and Operations for the CATIE Center at St. Catherine University. As an interpreter, Richard specializes in health care interpreting and operates his own interpreting and consulting business called Associates of Saint Anthony Park, Ltd.

Robert Lee

Robert G. Lee, MA, CI/CT has been interpreting, teaching and researching for more than 25 years. He is the author or co-author of numerous articles and book chapters on various aspects of linguistics and interpreting from cognitive processing to the syntax of ASL. He is currently Senior Lecturer and Course Leader of the MA and Postgraduate Diploma in BSL/English Interpreting at the University of Central Lancashire (UK). He has previously taught both Interpreting and Linguistics at Northeastern University in Boston as well as presentations in as the US, Europe and South America.

Rico Peterson

Rico Peterson is the Assistant Dean and Director of the Department of Access Services at RIT/NTID in Rochester, New York. He earned his CSC in 1979 and holds a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of California Riverside. Rico joined the National Theater of the Deaf in 1973, and played the lead role in both the National and the International touring companies of Children of a Lesser God. He has worked professionally as an actor, writer, DJ, interpreter, professor, and curriculum consultant. Rico is the author of The Unlearning Curve: Learning to Learn American Sign Language and a co-author of ASL at Work.

Stephanie Criner

Stephanie Criner, CI, CT, has been interpreting since 1992 and is currently a District Manager for Sorenson Communications, Columbus, Ohio. She received her Master’s in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia. She describes herself as a reader, seeker and learner.

Shane Feldman

Shane Feldman serves as Executive Director of RID. Previously, he worked as COO of the NAD. Feldman has a distinguished history of civic advocacy for accessibility rights especially those related to closed-captioning, although he serves the community in several other areas including his work with VRS and the FCC, the Maryland Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Maryland School for the Deaf.

Stephanie Feyne

Stephanie Feyne has been a certified member of RID since 1978. She interpreters in community, conference, educational and theatre venues. She teaches workshops in New York as well as around the country and is affiliated with the LaGuardia Community College Interpreter Education Projects. She was one of the four interpreting instructors for the annual TDF "Interpreting for the Theatre" Seminar housed at the Juilliard School. She is currently pursuing her MA in linguistic anthropology at Hunter College in New York City.

Shelly Hansen

Shelly Hansen is a nationally certified freelance interpreter in Washington state. She has a passion for interpreting in community and legal settings and is an active vlogger on YouTube. Shelly supports the direct hire model of contracting qualified interpreters. Dream project: to have the Driver's licensing guides in ASL in all 50 states. She has been happily married for 23 years and has 3 teenagers.

Sherry Smith

Sherry I. Smith is a nationally certified sign language interpreter. Since 1993 she has also devoted over 800 hours a year in volunteer ministry work. Sherry’s volunteer work opened the door to her learning ASL. She decided to become a professional sign language interpreter and became nationally certified in 2010. She now works as a freelance interpreter and her volunteer work is still very close to her heart.

Stacey Storme

Stacey Storme was born and raised in Colorado as a native bilingual in both ASL and English. She is eternally grateful to her older sister, Drei, along with the Deaf and interpreting communities in Greeley and Denver, Colorado for helping shape her into who she is today. Currently, Stacey resides in Overland Park, KS with her incredible wife of 10 1/2 years, soul-searching son, 3 beautiful daughters, 2 loving dogs and 1 “stray” cat. During the school year she works with a great team at Johnson County Community College to help prepare students for entry into the stimulating and growing field of interpreting. She is also co-owner of Storme Consultants and practices interpreting whenever possible.

Stacey Webb

Stacey Webb is a nationally certified interpreter currently residing in Nashville, TN. Originally from San Diego California, she has been interpreting professionally since 2004. She received her interpreter training at Palomar College and California State University, Northridge (CSUN). In addition to her interpreting experience, Stacey is an instructor in an American Sign Language Interpreter Training Program at a local community college and has recently accepted an adjunct teaching position with Western Kentucky University’s American Sign Language Studies Program. She looks forward to completing her Masters of Education from Colorado State University this Fall. Working as an instructor and a mentor has become a passion for Stacey and she strives to make a difference in the lives that cross her path.

Tiffany Hill

Tiffany Hill is a Washington, DC native, having been born in the district and raised in the Metropolitan Area, where she currently works as a trilingual, freelance Interpreter. She holds national certifications (CI,CT and NIC-Adv) and serves as a mentor to the next generation of sign language interpreters. She is a book loving traveler who is constantly out of her zip code. Still a local girl, when her hands aren't up in the air, you can find her running trails all around the area.

Tara Potterveld

Tara Potterveld, M.A., CT, CI, SC:L., is the author of Law Enforcement Interpreting for Deaf Persons, (RID Press, 2012).

Tammy Richards

Tammy is a graduate of the Portland Community College Sign Language Interpretation Program (SLIP) ('92) and City University of Seattle (BS: Business Administration) ('05). She is the author of "Establishing a Freelance Interpretation Business: Professional Guidance for Sign Language Interpreters" now in its third edition. Tammy currently holds the CT, CT, and SC:L from RID and the Level IV: Advanced certification from NAD. She has been interpreting since 1989, and is a past, two-term president of Oregon RID. Tammy is also a graduate of the Juilliard Interpreting for the Theatre Program ('99) and counts her experience there interpreting on Broadway for "Miss Saigon" as one of the highlights of her life. To date, she has interpreted well over 200 shows. She currently divides her time between freelance interpreting, conference interpreting and the many activities of her two boys, ages 4 and 7. She is lucky to have the support of her wonderful husband who indulges her love for endurance cycling and chocolate.

Trudy Suggs

Trudy Suggs, born Deaf to Deaf parents, has worked as an educator, administrator and editor. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Gallaudet University, and a master’s degree from University of Illinois-Chicago. She has long been involved with many organizations, including serving as chair of the Illinois RID Deaf Caucus, the Minnesota RID Deaf Interpreting Group, RID’s national CDI task force, and the Illinois State Police Communication Issues committee. She has also served on numerous boards, including the National Association of the Deaf and the National Deaf Business Institute, and is a RID-certified deaf interpreter. In 2008, Trudy received the Gallaudet University Alumni Association Outstanding Young Alumnus Award and the National Association of the Deaf CEO’s Award. In 2009, she was selected by Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie for a National Association of Secretaries of State Medallion Award.

Wing Butler

Wing Butler is an entrepreneur and sign language interpreter, passionate about building the sign language/Deaf economy. He uses his social media prowess and unique appreciation for life to build business opportunities that integrates the sign language and general business community. He enjoys spending time with his 4 children and lovely wife.

Whitney Hill

Whitney Hill grew up living on the grounds of Seabeck Conference Center in Seabeck Washington, her father served as the director there for 22 years. Seabeck is where the Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind’s annual Deaf-Blind retreat is held. Whitney is always thankful to the Lighthouse and Deaf-Blind community for their continued support that started off so early in her life. In 2003 Whitney graduated with a BA in ASL/English Interpretation from Western Oregon University. She currently works as a nationally certified community based and post-secondary interpreter around the south sound region of western Washington.

Xenia Woods

Xenia Fretter Woods holds a Master’s degree in Adult Education, the Certificate of Interpretation and the Certificate of Transliteration from the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, as well as the Specialist Certificate: Legal and NIC Master certificate, and the Ed:K-12. She lives in Oregon, where she interprets in legal settings and operates TerpSavvy Online Interpreter Career Development.