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Jonathan Ramos - #iamleverage tribute

#iamleverage: Sign Language Interpreters Honor Their Mentors

As sign language interpreters, each one of us can point to a single person who most influenced our career. These mentors, formal and informal, extended us perspective and learning that has shaped our view of the practice of sign language interpreting. For this gift of career altering leverage, we are and will remain grateful. [View


Sign Language Interpreter on a Quest

Sign Language Interpreters and the Quest for Language Competence

For interpreters, developing sign language fluency is work that is never done. This is true whether we are native signers or learned later in life. Some second language learners naively think that our Coda colleagues don’t have to work for their skills. My Coda friends have assured me, this is not true. As one friend


Creating Safe Spaces for Sign Language Interpreters

#Doable: Creating Safe Spaces for Sign Language Interpreters

Throughout my career as a sign language interpreter, I have been fortunate to have the most generous and giving mentors imaginable. I have always had a safe place to land when I needed support or professional advice and have always been given room to grow as a practitioner and professional. While I didn’t set out