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Sign Language Interpreter - Presenting Identity

Identity Presentation: How Sign Language Interpreters Do It With Integrity

“Who are you? Where are you from?” These are seemingly simple questions. However, I find them incredibly complicated to answer, especially in the past the last few years. Part of my complication in answering has to do with where I currently am in my life, both personally and professionally. At the time of writing, I am


Cooperation in Sign Language Interpreting Education

Cooperation Strengthens Sign Language Interpreter Education Programs

From time to time I have heard it said that Interpreter Education Programs are the new functional “gatekeepers” of the sign language interpreting profession. That is, with more interpreters learning ASL and interpreting in academic settings, rather than based on their proximity to the Deaf community, it is navigating successfully through the classroom experience that


Anna Witter-Merithew to Present StreetLeverage–Live 2014 Thursday Night Session

February 4, 2014: StreetLeverage is thrilled to host Anna Witter-Merithew on Thursday night, May 1, 2014 from 6:30p – 9:00p, as part of it’s StreetLeverage – Live thought leadership event being held in the greater Austin, TX area. This kick-off session will offer participants an opportunity to join Anna Witter-Merithew in a guided exploration of