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Tribal Elders Within The Field of Sign Language Interpreting

Tribal Communication: Evolving Expectations in the Field of Sign Language Interpreting

  San Francisco, 2007. My very first Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) national conference. I had been working in the field for two years and I was thrilled to be attending the national business meeting with my heroes in the field. As I entered the meeting room, I heard a rumbling. Members were


An Act of Treachery for Sign Language Interpreters

Treachery: Why Sign Language Interpreters Don’t Correct Each Other’s Work

As I submit this, some time has passed since the incident of the “fake interpreter” at the memorial service for Nelson Mandela. While this was an event of historic proportions, it was not an event where the life, liberty, or future prospects of the participants were placed at particular risk. Do not misunderstand me – what


Carol Padden

Carol Padden Joins StreetLeverage – Live 2014 Line-up

January 16, 2014: It is with great excitement that we share Carol Padden has joined the StreetLeverage – Live 2014 speaker line-up.  Carol will be a great addition to the program and is sure to inspire. Join Carol and other industry thought leaders for a weekend of discussion and critical thinking about how we understand,


Avoid the Dodgy Undertow of Sign Language Interpreting

How Do Sign Language Interpreters Avoid Mentoring’s Dodgy Undertow?

We have all had someone who “took us under their wing” at some point in our careers. These people that we say changed the trajectory of our careers and pulled us up by allowing us to stand on their shoulders. These people, whose quiet grace, wanted nothing more for their trouble than for us to


Sign Language Interpreter Needing Support

Mental Health Settings: Are Sign Language Interpreters at Risk?

Friendlyville is a mid-sized city (population 85,000) in a Midwestern state with a Deaf (ASL) population of about 200. Janice is one of the few RID-certified sign language interpreters in Friendlyville. She is the child of Deaf parents, and chose to become an interpreter after graduating from an ITP in Bigtown in a different state.