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Partnership between new and seasoned sign language interpreters

Mentorship: Sign Language Interpreters Embrace Your Elders

I was talking with a fellow sign language interpreter and she mentioned another colleague of ours who had just received her national certification. I commented that it was a good thing and that I had been mentored by this particular person. This fellow interpreter I was speaking with looked at me in horror and asked, “Why would you mentor with her?! She is way too ‘old-school’ to provide good mentoring.” Value Experience Unfortunately, this is


Sign Language Interpreter Lamenting the Failure to Pass IDP Seat

Mea Culpa: We Failed RID & Sign Language Interpreters with Deaf Parents

Part of my motivation in writing this article now is that I so poorly dropped the ball when the time came to vote on establishing a position on the RID Board of Directors that dedicated a seat to an Interpreter with Deaf Parents (IDP), the IDP MAL (Member-at-Large) position. I could cite my business at


Sign Language Interpreter Concerned About Being Vulnerable

Vulnerability: A Collaboration Killer for Sign Language Interpreters

As calls for volunteers went out to test a platform that could ultimately provide live ASL interpretation for any TEDx conference—TEDx events are community organized events that bring people together to share ideas—two groups of sign language interpreters emerged, a Deaf and hearing team in New York and a group of hearing interpreters in Baltimore.