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Sign Language Interpreter Demonstrating Civility

What Role Does Civility Play in the Sign Language Interpreting Profession?

If the work we do as sign language interpreters requires that we convey messages not only with words but also with our demeanor, shouldn’t we consider what our demeanor conveys?  I propose that demeanor is the face of civility and the effective use of civil behavior can enhance all aspects of the sign language interpreting


What Role do Sign Language Interpreters Play in the Linguistic Human Rights of Deaf People?

A Role for Sign Language Interpreters: Preserving the Linguistic Human Rights of Deaf People

As a coda when I left home to go to college, I never dreamed that I was leaving my mother tongue. It never dawned on me that there wouldn’t be deaf people where I was going and that ASL would be nowhere in sight. Never were my eyes so lonely. Much like an immigrant leaving


Sign Language Interpreter Wondering Where the Field is with Leadership

Leadership in Sign Language Interpreting: Where are We?

History of Leadership It is difficult to discuss the history of leadership in the field of sign language interpreting without first selecting a starting point for our history as a “field.”  Some consider this point the juncture at which the shift from volunteer interpreter to paid interpreter began, and the time at which training standards


Water Cooler in the Sign Language Interpreting Profession

StreetLeverage-Live: A Water Cooler Upgrade for Sign Language Interpreters

As most sign language interpreters will readily admit, much of the meaningful dialogue they have on the developments within the field occur at the water coolers of the profession—“small talk” sessions with a colleague. If you are reading this post, you are likely aware, that it is the plight of StreetLeverage to offer interpreters a