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Sign Language Interpreting Professor

New Lamps for Old: Apprenticeship in Sign Language Interpreting

A while ago I taught a workshop in Thailand. My driver, Tuy, took pains during our commute to describe points of interest and cultural nuance. At stoplights, vendors would rush into the queue of cars. One day, Tuy bought a small garland. As he fixed the flowers to his rearview mirror, he explained, “Respect for


The Value of Networking for Sign Language Interpreters

The Value of Networking for the Developing Sign Language Interpreter

In order for students to be successful sign-language interpreters, prior to graduating it is critical that they develop a relationship with both the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community (DHHC) and current-working professionals within the DHHC.  This would include interpreters, educators and DHHC advocates. By fostering these relationships, students will create educational, professional and personal


Sign Language Interpreter Learning from Deaf Perspective

A Deaf Perspective: Cultural Respect in Sign Language Interpreting

A chip on her shoulder. An angry Deaf person. I will definitely NOT be attending her workshops in the future. The workshop seemed to be a venting session for the Deaf people.   These were just some of the evaluation responses to a workshop I presented at a state-level sign language interpreting conference recently. I


Sign Language Interpreter Deep in Thought

Sign Language Interpreters: Recognizing & Analyzing Our Power & Privilege

Are sign language interpreters intrinsically connected to the fight for humanity, as suggested by Brandon Arthur in his post, The Goo Inside a Sign Language Interpreter? What is our role working within a marginalized and oppressed community? What is our connection to solidarity? Do we have a broader sense of responsibility to the community that