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Sign Language Interpreter Thinking Really Hard

Is it Time to Certify Sign Language Interpreter Referral Agencies?

Alarmingly, sign language referral agencies are sending increasing numbers of unqualified signers to interpret for Deaf consumers, causing harm to the communities we serve and to the interpreting field. Friends, consumers and colleagues around the US have been sharing their local horror stories for years. As this is a national issue it cannot solely be […]

Sign Language Interpreter Seeking Clarity

Sign Language Interpreters Seek Clarity to Defend RID NIC Certification

I want to thank StreetLeverage for creating a forum where issues affecting sign language interpreters and the field of sign language interpreting can be raised and discussed thoughtfully and respectfully. This forum has allowed me the opportunity to share my communications with the RID Board on questions I believe need to be answered regarding the […]

Sign Language Interpreter - Scales of Justice

Self-Talk: A Sign Language Interpreter’s Inner Warning System?

As my team interpreter and I stood outside the courtroom, red-faced, sputtering and hissing at each other like a pair of angry snakes, it was clear that I could have handled this situation more effectively. A confluence of factors led to this stressful scene. Our RID Regional Conference had taken many of the legal sign language […]

Overcoming Challenges as a Sign Language Interpreter of Color

Overcoming Challenges as a Sign Language Interpreter of Color

At times we may question whether our peers value what we bring to the sign language interpreting profession. Regardless of our confidence level about what we bring, I believe we would likely agree that it is a diversity of backgrounds that makes the tapestry of the sign language interpreting profession so beautiful. On my road […]