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Sign Language Interpreters - Defenders of Certification

Defenders of Certification: Sign Language Interpreters Question “Enhanced” RID NIC Test

At this point in our history, the NIC assessment is the foundation for determining who is “one of us” and, as such, certified members of RID should be the defenders of the certification process. However, the fact that certified RID … More

Interprenomics: A Decoder Ring for Sign Language Interpreters

At some point every sign language interpreter is faced with the task of valuing and selling their art. As a craftsperson, the value of a sign language interpreter’s work is not found in the dollars and cents of a transaction, … More

Shelly Hansen

Educational Interpreters: Buck the Low Wage, No Credential Status Quo

Most sign language interpreters at some juncture in their career will provide interpreting services in an educational setting.  As mainstreaming with an interpreter has become a commonplace approach to educating deaf and hard of hearing kids, there is a consistent … More