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Gina Oliva

Sign Language Interpreters in Mainstream Classrooms: Heartbroken and Gagged

I am sure that most readers are well aware, that the entire “system” for educating hard of hearing and deaf children in mainstream settings is generally a mess, the kids are suffering, and no one person or entity is really … Continue reading

Sign Language Interpreter in Thought

Sign Language Interpreters: Are Acts of Omission a Failure of Duty?

Often, when discussing breaches of ethical conduct, the focus is on a sign language interpreter’s commission of some act.  Examples might include a breach of confidentiality, accepting assignments beyond one’s capacity, demonstrating a lack of respect for consumers and/or colleagues.  … Continue reading

Wing Butler

Does Social Networking Impair Sign Language Interpreter Ethics?

The distance between our physical world and the virtual world of social media often invites behavior one would never project in real life. This virtual world introduces a whole new context of social norms and acceptable personal expression. Unfortunately, it … Continue reading